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Digital literacy course

Nowadays, the whole world is working on computers. In light of COVID-19, building digital literacy skills has suddenly become even more of a necessity. The current situation has demonstrated the increasing reliance on technology and that digital skills are a requirement to function in society.   


In addition to lack of digital literacy, there is a financial constraint.  Most of the refugees and migrants in the host communities have limited access to hardware devices, and connectivity can be prohibitively expensive.


COVID-19 affected integration efforts.  Language courses became more difficult.  The social aspect of education was lost as learning moved online.  The integration process was paused as communities were on lockdown. 


Furthermore, computer skills are needed to communicate with important institutions like government offices, NGOs, private companies, banks, etc.,  and also for online learning.


RWAN previous workshops identified the needs of participants.  Many participants expressed their need to have a basic digital course, in their mother language. Why? Most of them have never dealt with computers in their home countries, nor in the host country due to language barriers and difficulty to register, or understand. COVID-19 made this need a priority.


Thus, as an initiative aimed to support migrants and refugees, we directed our efforts to provide computer literacy courses to address the urgent and desired need.

50 women have registered for this course, and many women are still waiting to join the upcoming courses. Our Digital literacy course includes the following learning steps:


Learn basic skills in using a computer and dealing with files and settings.

Learn basic skills related to internet surfing and internet searches.

Learn to send and receive emails and correspondence, and use Google Drive.

Learn basic skills to use Microsoft Word - PowerPoint.


Women In ICT Report - EN

Some of the participants' opinions about the digital literacy course

I am very happy to have joined this course because of its importance to us, especially in Belgium where we need to send a lot of emails and where computers are essential in all courses (learning the language and other things). In addition to that, I need to acquire computer skills to be able to work as a civil engineer.

I want to expand the skills I have acquired through this course so that I can register in a specialized AutoCAD course. Through this course, I have learned the basic skills to dealing with a computer, which helped me a lot.

Thank you for your effort,


My main reason for taking this course is to learn how to use the computer given that it is an important skill for me to have because everything is currently taught online. The computer became the most important thing with the outbreak of COVID-19 and learning how to use it has become a critical thing.


As of now, I have learned how to send emails, delete files and search history, change the keyboard to Arabic, and copy & paste.


I joined this course to learn how to use the computer and how to read and reply to emails because I did not have any of these skills. These skills are very important to me, given that COVID-19 drove almost everything online.


Most importantly, this course has allowed me to be self-reliant when it comes to communicating with institutions that affect me (commune, doctors, schools). I would like to take other courses in the future to develop myself and refine my computer skills through learning other programs which increase my employability.


I have learned a lot because of you and I am happy to say that I have 70% of basic computer skills now.


Firstly: to learn the foundational concepts about computers because they have become indispensable. Secondly: because computers help me do my assignments and other things. 


This course is very important to me because it is in Arabic and this is a good thing because we face language barriers which prevent us from taking computer classes.

After my brief studies of computers through this course, I look forward to expand my knowledge about computers.

I evaluate my computer knowledge after this course as good. I learned new and important things. Finally, I thank Lama and Hayat because they put in a lot of effort.


Pictures from RWAN’s digital literacy course shared from our students

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