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Raise Women's Awareness Network


RWAN’s mission is to help refugee and immigrant women to have access to education and gain professional opportunity in order to become more active individuals in Belgian society.


RWAN is an initiative led by Lama Jaghjougha, a Syrian refugee living in Belgium, and was launched in 2018. The initiative emerges from a strong believe in the right to education for all women and in helping refugee and immigrant women to become involved in societies through finding work and internships.


It will be a bridge between individuals and different universities that have a responsibility to support women, especially those from immigrant or refugee backgrounds, as well as the labor market (companies and all types of organisations) in order to provide a space to share contacts, make proposals and create new opportunities for dialogue and cooperation.


This initiative aspires to create real opportunities, especially for refugee and migrant women who face difficulties to integrate themselves and work towards a better contribution to gender equality in European society.


RWAN will aim to pave the way to share personal experiences, match resources, enhance entrepreneurism and study and create best practices. This, surely, will lead to a better intercultural understanding between refugees/immigrants and hosting communities. The initiative's benefits will be felt in all society in the long run.


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