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ICT Project

Our current project aims to support women by providing them with the opportunity to learn the basics of using computers during the difficult conditions imposed during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This course has already given more than 50 women the opportunity and now WE CALL YOUR SUPPORT to continue.


The Goal:

NOW, our goal is to reach 8,000 euro in 2022 to train 40 women, which is equivalent to 200 euros in support for each woman.


We run entirely on grants and donations to supply free, personalized integration services for women.

The current donations will support the digital literacy skills project for women through two phases:

- Costs related to the project (trainers' fees, printing, Microsoft Office subscription license for participants).

- Provide any needed supplies that will support the women in joining the training (transportation, computers, headphones, cables, etc.).


If you believe in our project and want to support us, kindly make a donation through a bank transfer to the RWAN account in Belgium (Euros)



IBAN number: BE29 3632 1181 1664

NB: bank transfers within the EU are treated as domestic transfers; No additional international costs apply.

Do you need more info? Please contact us

About RWAN

The RWAN initiative started in 2018 under the umbrella of the European Association for Viewers Interests (EAVI) with the support of the European Student Union (ESU) by the Together, Moving Forward (TMF) programme. After the successful record of this initiative, RWAN was officially registered as a non-profit organization (ASBL) in Belgium and Brussels in 2021.


Our project aims to support women who face difficulties integrating into their community or establishing themselves professionally. In doing this, we are working towards greater gender equality. RWAN aims to support all women with a focus on women with immigrant or refugee backgrounds and the particular obstacles they face.


We promote activities that increase women’s participation in educational, professional, entrepreneurial, and leadership activities. Your donation and contribution will support our mission to help women access education, training, and professional opportunities empowering them to achieve their professional goals.

RWAN organization seeks to bridge individuals, universities, institutions, organizations and all other actors that bear the responsibility of supporting women to create a space for dialogue, cooperation, sharing best practices, and mutual support.
Thus, Your donation and contribution will contribute to our continuity to help women to access education, training, and professional opportunities to become productive individuals in society.

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